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Questions to Ask a Real Estate Attorney

When you are involved in a real estate transaction, you likely pick up the phone and call your broker or agent with any questions you may have. However, brokers and real estate agents can sometimes have limited knowledge of the complex real estate laws. Especially if your real estate project is extensive or complicated, it is always a good idea to consult with a New Jersey real estate attorney who can address any and all legal concerns or issues.

Most people do not have a real estate lawyer on speed dial, however, the process of choosing the right law firm can be stressful. The following are only some questions you want to ask when selecting legal representation for a New Jersey real estate transaction.

Have you handled cases like this before?

Every real estate transaction is different and can have different legal issues arise. For example, a new construction project for a major development will have different issues than the sale or purchase of a smaller commercial complex or residential home. Whether you are building, selling, or purchasing, you want to ensure that your attorney has extensive experience representing clients in your position.

What actions need to be taken?

Attorneys who are not familiar with real estate transactions may give a vague answer to this type of question as they plan on looking up the legal process after you have left the office. An attorney with real estate experience will be able to give you at least an overview of the actions that will need to be taken and the potential issues that may need to be addressed for your particular type of transaction.

What will it cost?

Many people do not want to hire an attorney because it will cost them money when, in actuality, a real estate lawyer can end up saving you money in the long run by avoiding unnecessary complications and disputes. That being said, it is never fun to be surprised by a lawyer’s bill that is more than you were expecting. Make sure you agree on a fee schedule up front with your attorney.

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