Traffic Violations

New Jersey Traffic Violations Attorney

A traffic violation can be a transgression of any vehicle law that has been committed by a driver while in motion. These are commonly referred to as moving violations. The consequences vary depending on the jurisdiction in which the infringement took place. If a law enforcement officer happens to give you a ticket for violating a traffic law, you may need to seek legal representation. Our law firm knows who to talk to in court, and what deals can be made.

Defending Traffic Violations Law Firm

An experienced traffic attorney will also be aware of what proof the law enforcement officer is required to submit to the court and when there is not enough information to support the given traffic ticket. The elimination of a traffic ticket depends on many factors, such as the type of violation that was committed, where the it committed, and the driving record of the offender. If you receive a traffic ticket, the odds of a favorable outcome are significantly higher if you are properly represented. The attorneys of Borrus, Goldin, Foley, Vignuolo, Hyman & Stahl, P.C. will likely be able to lower your traffic fine, which can make a huge difference in the amount you pay. Your good driving record can even be used for a reason as to why your ticket should be reduced.

New Jersey Traffic Violations Attorney

New Jersey Moving Violations

Traffic violations can be separated into two categories: parking and moving violations. Moving violations are the more severe with stiffer penalties and happen while the vehicle is in motion. Examples of common moving violations are:

  • Driving while under the influence
  • Failing to signal when changing lanes or turning
  • Not driving within the lane
  • Illegally driving in a carpool lane
  • Using a cell phone while driving
  • Not using a child safety seat, or fastening your seat belt
  • Speeding and causing reckless endangerment to pedestrians
Traffic Violations in New Jersey

Common Traffic Violations

Some examples of common traffic violations are:

  • Illegally parking in a red zone, bus or taxi zone, parking in a handicapped parking space with no valid permit displayed
  • Failing to stop at a red light
  • Illegal U-turns or turns
  • Failing to completely stop at a stop sign
  • Hitting another vehicle, parked or moving
  • Transportation of a load in an unsafe manner
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Types of Traffic Tickets

Our traffic violations law firm is capable, but not limited to handling the following types of traffic cases:

  • Speeding over 100 mph
  • Violation of suspended license
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Reckless driving
  • Red light camera tickets, or red light violations
  • Car impoundment

Traffic Ticket Consequences

If you are convicted of a traffic offense, the consequences can range in severity from jail time to expensive fines, suspended license, or points on your driving record. You can possibly acquire a criminal record that can have a negative impact on your future. Even if you have experience in civil court, it is often unwise to dispute the charges on your own. Seek the experience of Borrus, Goldin, Foley, Vignuolo, Hyman & Stahl, P.C to help you reduce or eliminate any traffic tickets you may have.

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