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Employment laws regulate the relationship between employers and their workers, trade unions, and organizations. These include the rights and obligations between employers and their employees. This can apply to current employees, former employees, or job applicants. Employment relationships can range in complexity. Situations can vary from discrimination, wrongful termination, or even safety in the workplace.

Our experienced employment law attorneys at Borrus, Goldin, Foley, Vignuolo, Hyman & Stahl, P.C. have represented employees in employment-related legal matters for nearly 50 years. Protect your legal rights against discrimination in the workplace and issues that may arise during the course of an employment relationship such as https://borrus.com/practice-areas/workers-compensation-social-security-disability/, unemployment claims, requirements of the Family Leave Act, fair compensation, right to privacy, and wrongful termination.

New Jersey Employment Law Attorneys

Employee Rights In The Workplace

All employees are entitled to basic rights in the workplace. These include having the right to privacy, fair compensation, and the right to work in a discrimination-free environment. These rights extend to the employee’s handbag, briefcase, lockers, or anything accessible only to the individual. A worker’s privacy is even extended to cell phone conversations or messages. However, privacy is limited when using the employer’s computer system. In our modern age of technology, workplace rights to privacy on the internet and through email can be a hot issue.

Employee Rights in the Workplace

Federal Law Regarding Employment

The following is a brief overview of the main federal laws regarding employment:

Title VII

  • For employers with 15 or less employees.
  • Restricts employers from discriminating during the hiring process against race, national origin, religion or gender.

Americans with Disabilities Act

  • States that a disability is a physical or mental impairment that drastically limits more than one life activity
  • If an individual can perform the necessary functions, with or without accommodation, that person cannot be discriminated against due to that disability
  • Prevents discrimination against and individual with a disability
Federal Law Regarding Employment

Age Discrimination in Employment Act

  • Prohibits employers from giving priority to younger workers in the hiring process
  • For employers with more than 50 employees
  • Does not avert employees from preferring older employees over younger employees

Fair Labor Standards Act

  • Regulates the number of workdays, and breaks that an employer must provide to its employees
  • States acceptable salary and overtime requirements determined by the federal government which applies to a majority of private and public employment. In addition, this act restricts the hours children under the age of 16 are allowed to work and limits the work children under the age of 18 from certain jobs that are considered too dangerous.
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Family and Medical Leave Act

  • Requires employers to allow employees up to 12 weeks absence leave for qualified medical reasons
  • In order for an employee to qualify for this leave of absence, the employee must be with the company for at least 12 months and have worked 1,250 hours within those 12 months
  • Protects the position of the employee during the leave of absence

State and Local Standards

We also provide individuals with counsel and representation under their specific jurisdiction

  • The New Jersey Family Leave Act
  • The New Jersey Wage and Hour Act
  • The New Jersey Equal Pay Law
  • The New Jersey Law Against discrimination
  • The New Jersey Minimum Wage Law
Workplace Discrimination

New Jersey Employment Law Legal Help

Employees are entitled to a number of both federal and state rights in the workplace. If you suspect that your rights have been violated based on the terms of your employment, there is employment law legal help and it may be in your interest to speak with one of the attorneys of Borrus, Goldin, Foley, Vignuolo, Hyman & Stahl, P.C. in order for your rights to be better explained and to protect your legal rights.