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Last Minute NJ Laws

As nearly a two year session of legislation comes to a close in New Jersey, there are a multitude of bills that lawmakers are pressing to get signed before the end. Here are a few of the top bills to watch.

  1. Pensions: This proposed referendum would permit voters to weigh in on the state’s contribution to the pension of their government workers. On one side, opponents of the bill believe that paying for the rising cost of pensions could bankrupt the government, while supporters say it not to fund the system could ruin the pensions of more than 800,000 New Jersey workers who are either retired or currently employed by the state.
  2. Hotel Taxes: This is a bill which would permit counties to impose a one percent tax on hotels. It was introduced by Senate President Stephen Sweeney.
  3. Drones on Drones: One of the biggest hot-button issues in the recent years has been the laws surrounding drones, new technology that has many Americans fearing for their safety as well as privacy. Under this new legislation, law enforcement use of drones would have additional rules, which sponsors say will improve personal privacy.
  4. Smoking: Expected to be finally approved by the Assembly, this is a major new law that would raise the age of sale for tobacco products, namely cigarettes, to 21 rather than the current 19 years of age.
  5. North Jersey Casinos: This has been a controversial issue between the Senate President and Assembly Speaker. They have been debating on whether or not to include a question about allowing the casinos on the ballot for the November election cycle, and the odds of this one getting resolved aren’t as good as some of the other bills.
  6. Smart Guns: These are a hot-button issue for Governor Christie, as one of the main platforms in his struggling presidential campaign includes lessened gun control and an increased focus on second amendment rights. In one submitted bill, gun shop owners would need to carry a smart gun, which could only be fired by the owner. This is expected to be vetoed by Christie.
  7. Remapping Legislative Districts: In this proposed constitutional amendment, Democrats are pushing for a rezoning of NJ’s 40 districts of legislation ever ten years, which they claim will make each vote more fairly counted. However, the Republicans believe it would only give the Democrats a bigger advantage which they have already enjoyed.

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