Family Law Overview

Family Law Overview

Family law is a large umbrella that encompasses many different aspects, such as marriage and divorce, legal separation, child support and custody, visitation, adoption, paternity, domestic violence, juvenile criminal matters, and child abuse. Matters in this area of the law usually involve a wide range of emotions, from adoptions to divorces, happy occasions, sad occasions, and everything in between. Because this realm of the law typically has a sensitive nature, it’s wise to seek attorney assistance in order to keep your feelings from affecting the legal issue at hand.

Many family law matters, such as divorce or legal separation, can lead to additional complicated issues like alimony, child support, custody and visitation, and the division of property. Property settlement or premarital agreements can enforced by the court in lieu of state laws to determine the rights of both parties. Hiring an attorney experienced in drafting these documents can make the overwhelming emotional process much easier.

In matters of domestic violence, the statute covers current or former spouses, a present or previous dating relationship, parents of a child, an elderly family member, or even a roommate. The court generally issues a restraining order for these matters, but the hearings can be difficult and revisiting physical and emotional abuse brought upon the other party can be traumatic.  This is one reason why it’s important to have a seasoned attorney to assist you so that you are prepared for experience.

Regardless of the matter, family law can be hard to maneuver. The emotional toll that comes with many of these issues can leave you with uncertainty, resulting in a less than satisfying judgment. Hiring an experienced attorney in family law provide you with allied assistance to work with you and to see you through the case. attorneys has the experience necessary to help you through your difficult family matters to make the process as easy as possible. Call today for a consultation at (732) 422-1000.