Don’t Play Pokémon Go and Drive

If you spend any time online or watching the news, you probably have heard of Pokémon Go, a wildly popular smartphone game that was released earlier this summer. The app uses a technology known as “augmented reality” that superimposes images onto a user’s real world surroundings by using the phone’s camera function. The game involves users moving through the real world while looking “through” their phones to collect various in-game items and Pokémon, which are fictional creatures.

The popularity of the game has prompted many law enforcement agencies around the country to issue warnings regarding playing and driving, according to this report. These warnings are not being issued without reason, as there have been reports of serious accidents caused by Pokémon Go since the app was released.

Distracted Driving Can Cause Serious Accidents

Pokémon Go is just another example of the significant and dangerous distractions that smartphones can pose to drivers and others on the road. Between texting, checking email, taking calls, browsing the internet, and playing games, there are virtually limitless distractions that on can find on a smartphone. For this reason, many states and municipalities have prohibited drivers from using handheld electronic devices, with varying degrees of success.

Driver Distractions can be Low-Tech as Well

Distracted driving does not have to be the result of 21st-century technology to be dangerous, however. Even drivers who prudently put their phones away while driving can fall victim to distractions that have the potential to result in serious accidents. Some common examples of driver distractions include the following:

·         Grooming

·         Eating

·         Daydreaming

·         Drinking

·         Looking at scenery

·         Adjusting the radio

·         Looking at a map

·         Searching for items in the vehicle

·         Talking to passengers

·         Applying makeup

Fortunately for people who have been injured by distracted drivers, in most cases, they will be able to recover compensation for their losses. Common damages available in distracted driving cases include medical expenses, property damages, lost income, and physical and emotional pain and suffering. TO learn whether you will be able to recover compensation, call a personal injury attorney today.

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