Carefully Consider your Divorce Options

Divorce is an arduous process that should never be entered into without seriously considering all of the ramifications. Things only become more complicated and painful when children are involved. There is so much to consider; do yourself a favor, and make sure that all of your decisions regarding divorce are extremely well informed.

What to Expect
The one universal of divorce is that there’s no way to know what to expect. Divorce is often extremely unpredictable; the combination of too much stress, heightened uncertainty, and a crumbling relationship can lead people to engage in exceedingly unpredictable behavior. Your best strategy is to arm yourself with the basics before making any decisions.

The Known Elements of Divorce
A divorce will determine property division – or who will get what in the dissolution of your marriage. This means that the New Jersey court will divide your marital assets in a way that it deems equitable or fair but that is not necessarily equal. Keep in mind that what the court deems fair may not coincide with what you consider fair. The outcome of this process is rarely predictable.

A divorce will also determine support obligations for both parties. These can come in the form of both child and spousal support. Child support is usually set by state law, but departures from these state standards often occur. Additionally, child support often hinges on the ordered custody arrangements. Spousal support is much more varied and depends, in large part, on the specifics of the case. There is a lot of room for interpretation within this process, and it is very difficult to predict the outcome.

The divorce proceedings will also determine child custody and visitation (when applicable). Whenever possible, it’s to everyone’s advantage to reach these decisions together before the court gets involved. It’s the court’s obligation to promote the best interests of the child, but all judges, being human, have their own beliefs and values that they cannot help but let get tangled up in their decisions. Additionally, few people are at their finest during divorce proceedings, and that is the judge’s only real glimpse into who you are.

What Divorce Can Never Do
There are some things about divorce, as unpredictable as it is, that you can rely upon:

• Divorce cannot guarantee precise and equal division of your marital assets and property.

• Divorce cannot guarantee you equal time with your children.

• Divorce very well may not accomplish civility between you and your ex-spouse.

• Divorce almost always guarantees that you won’t be able to maintain your current standard of living.

• Divorce will not heal your emotional wounds.

In the end, a court order for divorce is simply a piece of paper that will almost certainly leave you hurt and confused. If you are contemplating a divorce, you should not make important decisions without legal counsel. Contact an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney today.

An Experienced New Jersey Family Law Attorney Can Positively Influence the Outcome of Your Divorce
There is too much at stake in any divorce to try and negotiate it on your own. An experienced New Jersey divorce attorney will help you assess your options and will skillfully fight to ensure that you obtain the best outcome for your case. Contact a skilled attorney with expertise in New Jersey family law by scheduling your consultation with Borrus, Goldin, Foley, Vignuolo, Hyman & Stahl, P.C. today. Give us a call at 732-422-1000 or contact us online.