6 Red Flags your Relationship may be Heading Towards Divorce

Red Flag #1: Your spouse is secretive with their cell phone.

In a relationship, it is very important to trust your partner. But, if your partner has recently become secure and extra sensitive with their phone, this may be a sign of trouble. There may be something on the phone your partner doesn’t want you to see. Keeping phone secrets, or any secrets, indicates a lack of trust and respect in a marriage.

Red Flag #2: Your partner is reconnecting with an ex.

If your partner has been communicating with an ex-lover or “old friend,” it may be a sign that they are feeling left out and looking for support and attention from someone else. Occasional contact with an ex-lover shouldn’t pose any real danger to your relationship. But, contact on a regular basis can become troublesome. If the partner hides their communication with an ex from the other partner or communication with the ex is substituted for communication with the spouse, the marriage may be heading in the direction of divorce.

 Red Flag #3: Your spouse isn’t contributing around the house. 

Are you doing dishes and vacuuming all the time while your spouse sits in front of the TV? It may sound trivial, but if your partner is now lying around all day while you take care of all the household chores, without any sense of guilt, it can strain the relationship. A marriage is all about give and take. Each partner needs to contribute to his or her fair share of chores. Failing to recognize this responsibility indicates a lack of respect in a marriage, which can create resentment by the other spouse.

Red Flag #4: Your partner makes you report everything you buy.

If your spouse insists that you write down everything you spend money on, this is a sign of a controlling spouse. Control should never be used as a weapon in marriage.

Red Flag #5: Your spouse is spending more time engaged in activities than with you.

If your partner is choosing time on the tennis court, shopping, or friends over you, then your relationship may be heading towards separation. It can be easy to become absorbed in activities of everyday life, but in order for a marriage to work, each spouse much put the relationship first. It is vital for every relationship to find time on a daily basis to connect with one another.

Red Flag #6: Your partner is going out with friends and not inviting you.

If your spouse has been indulging in the “singles scene” without you, this should raise an immediate red flag. The status of your relationship may be questionable, if your spouse is constantly going out drinking without you or always meeting up with a “friend” for drinks after work.

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